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Hot off the press - the latest products available from West Controls



In-head Temperature Sensors


Specifically designed to work with thermocouples or RTD probes, provides a 4-20mA output for monitoring and control.  Digital processing provides stability and simple set-up.  Versions for hazardous areas are available, programming kit for easy re-programming without need to re-calibrate, and HART communications protocol. 10 warranty available on certain models.


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Industrial Pressure Switches


These industrial diaphragm pressure switches come in 3 versions; standard pressure, visual setting and differential pressure as standard.  The diaphragms and process connections are available in a vast choice of metallic or plastic materials, thus providing excellent chemical compatibility in most applications.


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Visual Flow Indicators


There are 2 styles of flow indicators available; Spinner and Ball.  Typical applications for these indicators include:

showing early warning of overheating, bearing or seal failure, showing changes in colour and condition of liquids during processing, indicating that the flow of cooling water is maintained to equipment, indication of air entrainment in fluids, showing presence of condensate in steam return lines, indicating chemical dosing on water treatment facilities, or in any application where constant visual indication of flow or no flow of liquids and gases is beneficial.


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Vibrating Probe Level Switches


The vibrating switches are available in 2 types.  The Liquid version features dual blades, which can be short in length for minimal intrusion into vessels or for use in pipes.  Suitable for a wide range of applications including overfill protection, wet or dry pipe detection, high and low level alarms, pump protection and hygienic applications.  The Solids version features a single blade and is typically used with products ranging from cornflakes to coal, it is preferable to have only a single blade in contact with these products as this eliminates the potential for bridging between the forks and ensures the switch does not give false alarms.


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Smart Indicators


These are highly accurate digital process indicators.  They can accept either common industrial sensors, pulse input to provide rate and total or as a dedicated flow computer accepting analogue inputs and providing rate and totalise functions.  Options for the indicators include single or dual relay outputs, current output or bridge excitation.


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