Indicators & Displays


Loop Powered LED Indicator


This 4 digit LED loop powered field mounted display can be used to give local indication of process variables. The sensor is user configurable by means of push buttons located on the underside of the display.  There is a choice of enclosures that can accommodate these displays.  It also has the option of being retro fitted to an enclosure with an in-head transmitter.



4-20mA input, IP65, User selectable updating resolution, Bottom or rear connections, Custom Linearisation


4 digit LCD


±0.01% of FS


-1999 to 9999, decimal point selectable


IP67 option, Housing styles, Assemblies, Mounting kits, ATEX approved, Remote sensing



Loop Powered Plug-on Transmitter Display


The plug-on display is suitable for all transmitters with an output signal of 4-20mA/2 wire or 0-10V/3 wire.  The display is installed between the male and female plug and is ready for work immediately.  This can be freely programmed via front panel to adjust scaling, decimal point, dampening, on/off switch points, hysteresis, window mode and switching delays.



Suitable for all transmitters with 4-20mA/0-10V output signals, Housing rotatable, 1 or 2 switched outputs, Integral display, Freely programmable, Special functions – access protection, min./max. value memory


4-20mA/2 wire, 0-10V/3 wire


4 digit red LED


Plug DIN 43650, M12x1 5 pin or Binder 723 5 pin


Electrical connections, ATEX approved, Limit contact, Stainless steel housing



Panel Mounted Loop Powered Indicator


This panel mounted LCD display is loop powered and is a low cost option for indication of process variables.



Designed to be connected in series with a 4-20mA current loop, IP65 front panel


3½ digits LCD, -200 to 1999 counts


±0.1% of reading, ±1 of count


Set by a combination of links, Span & Zero potentiometers

Voltage Drop

3 Volts



Smart Digital Indicators


These intelligent displays are a series of highly accurate and stable digital indicators.  They are capable of accepting all commonly used temperature or process inputs.  Available in three versions; temperature, process and true RMS current and voltage.  The highly innovative case design enables add-on pods to be installed without the need for dismantling or recalibration.  The plug and play pod options are; relay outputs, isolated retransmission and Modbus RS485 serial communications.


Features Transmitter excitation, Mains voltage monitoring, IP65 front panel sealing

Smart Inputs

RTD, Thermocouples, mA, 0-1V, 1-5V, 0-10V

RMS Inputs 0-550V, 0-60V, 0-6A all AC or DC


4 Digit LED (Red or Green), -199 to 9999 with auto rounding

Power Supply

90-253V ac (50/60 Hz) or 20-35V dc


Universal temperature, Universal process, True RMS current & voltage


Dual relay alarm, Isolated re-transmission, RS485 MODBUS communications



Intelligent Digital Indicators with TMFL


These displays are very similar to the standard intelligent indicators but with added features of 6 digit LED display, temperature and process inputs and Modbus RS485 serial communications as standard.  The pod options are available to add increased functionality of 4-20mA retransmission or alarms.  This display also supports Transfer Function Module Library (TMFL), which gives the capability of installing custom functionality by means of standard modules available from the manufacturers’ website. 


Examples of TMFL programs;


     PID control

Rate of change limiter

     Peak or valley hold

3 step control

     Pump lift station control

Level with density compensation

     Flow totaliser function

Batching function

     …and more



Custom functions can also be created to suit requirements.



Totaliser & Batcher functions, IP65 front panel sealing, TFML & OPC compliant


RTD, Thermocouples, ±100mV, mA, ±10V


6 Digit red LED

Power Supply

90-253V ac (50/60 Hz) or 20-35V dc


Dual alarms, Isolated re-transmission, Software packages



Bar Graph Displays


These displays feature a digital indicator and bar graph for instant graphical representation of process, with the choice of single or dual displays.  They are available with up to 8 channel inputs, rate and totaliser functions, and relay or analogue outputs.



Rate & Totaliser functions IP65 front panel sealing


Current, Voltage, Millivolts


4 Digit LED Numeric, 101 segment LED Bar Graph

Power Supply

85-240V ac, or 18-36V dc

Versions With or without RS485, 4 or 6 Relays


Dual display, Analogue outputs



Battery Powered Panel & Field Indicators


There are several types of displays available in this range of indicators.  These displays have been developed with primary functionality in mind featuring a variety of basic display, output and alarm functions.  The range is suitable for panel or wall mounting. 


Various models exist to accept pulse or analogue inputs, with a wide selection of features including;


     Pulse/analogue retransmission

Hi/low alarm functions

     Signal linearisation

Square root extraction

     Batch control

RS comms

     Dual signal input

Ratio control

     …and more



All models are ATEX approved for intrinsic safety or explosion proof.




Indicator, Totaliser/Counter, Flowrate/Totaliser, High & low alarms, Pulse or frequency output, Linearisation, Programmable total, Batch controller, Ratio indicator, Flow computer, Differential flow computer, Start & stop inputs, Dispenser


Indicator, Indicator with alarms, Indicator with linearisation & single alarm, Controller


Indicator, Indicator with alarms, Dual indicator


Indicator, Indicator with alarms



Signal Inputs

Pulse, Coil, (0)4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-100K Ohm, RTD PT100


IP67 Aluminium, IP65 Aluminium panel mount, IP65 ABS panel mount, IP65 ABS wall mount


Passive transistor, Active transistor, 4-20mA, 0-10V

Power supply

Lithium battery with up to a maximum of 7 years battery life


RS232, RS485, TTL Intrinsically safe


Corrected gas or liquid volume


Mains powered, mains with battery backup, power supply 8-24V dc or 80-240V ac, 4-20mA loop powered, electro-mechanical relay outputs (for mains powered versions only)






Digital Electronic Thermostats


This thermostat is a compact, digital electronic meter for simple temperature control (heating or cooling). The measurement input permits the connection of resistance thermometers or thermocouples, or standard current or voltage signals. The measured value is shown on a 3-digit display and the switching state of relay/s is indicated by one or two LEDs.  The instrument incorporates a simple defrosting function as well as an operating hours counter, which can, for instance, be used to record the operating time of a cooling compressor.   The instrument can be operated from 3/4 keys on the front panel. The electrical connection is made via screw terminals on the back of the instrument.  A setup program and a PC interface are available as accessories, for simple configuration and parameterization from a PC.


Features Customised linearisation via tabular function in the setup program, Integrated defrosting function, Adjustable switching hysteresis, Time-delayed switch-on after power-on is selectable, e. g. for staggered starting of several equipment units, Operating hours counter, Symbols for operating modes, °C, °F, hours, minutes and seconds in display, Heating or cooling is configurable, Limit monitoring, Simple, space-saving installation, Parameter level protected by code




4 Digit - LED

Power Supply

220V/380V ac (50 Hz)


Panel or rail mounting, Single or Dual relay alarm