West Controls Ltd. are a specialist supplier of process instrumentation & control products. Through many years experience, together with the support of key manufacturers, we can offer a broad range of instruments to suit a wide variety of applications in many different industries.

Our supply of products include Temperature, Pressure, Level & Flow instruments in the form of Probes - Gauges - Switches - Transducers - Transmitters - Meters. We also supply complimentary products including Indicators & Displays, Process & Temperature Controllers, Chart Recorders & Calibration instruments & a range of DIN Rail products including Transmitters, Signal Conditioning, Trip Amplifiers, Loop Isolators, Zener Barriers.


Featured Product
Pulse Burst Radar Level Transmitter
This transmitter is an economical, loop-powered radar transmitter bringing radar to everyday applications. Daily applications that have been considered for ultrasonic can now use radar technology with its superior performance. The electronics are housed in a compact, single compartment cast Aluminium or Lexan® housing. This transmitter measures effectively even when atmospheres above the liquid are saturated with vapour. Pulse Burst technology and advanced signal processing manage common disturbances such as false echoes caused by obstructions, multi-path reflections from tank sidewalls or turbulence caused by agitators, aggressive chemicals, or aerators.


  • 24V dc, Loop powered with HART®
  • Housing: Lexan® plastic or Aluminium
  • Range: 380mm to 12mtrs measured from process connection
  • Antenna: Encapsulated horn - Polypropylene or Tefzel®
  • Process temperature: -40 to 93°C
  • Process pressure: -1 to 13.8bar
  • General purpose or IS approvals
  • Process connections: 2" BSP or NPT, tri-clamp
  • Antenna extensions for nozzle heights up to 300mm
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What we can do for you...

As an independent distributor, we are able to chose from many principal manufacturers to provide the best solution at the right price. We can reduce your multiple supplier headaches by becoming your single source supplier for all of your instrument requirements.


About us...

At West Controls we specialise only in distribution, which means our sole focus is customer support, and due to our established relationships with our manufacturers we can offer competitive pricing & quick deliveries when required.